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The real advantages of an electric bike or e-bike include their climbing efficiency. Also taking a bite out of wind resistance and the ability to expand your range of travel. Before purchasing, it is important to know how far you want to go and the type of terrain you will be riding it on.

For those who have experienced a medical issue or sports injury, an e-bike can breathe new life into your desire to stay active while having fun. With a little assist, you may again want to re-connect with your cycling buddies or add that #NextBikeAdventure to your list. Plus, if you are planning on commuting to work by bike, you will arrive feeling fresh.

Now that you have a reason to consider an electric bike, it’s time to choose the right one with our e-bike tips! With thousands of electric bike models on the market, there are several things to consider. The last item on our list here is to test ride the e-bike you are looking to buy. Consider visiting several bike shops to compare.