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E-bikes are a sustainable, healthy and fun way of transportation. Whether you want to bike to work, stay fit, transport packages, do groceries, pick up the kids, go on vacation or have fun on bike trails; there is an e-bike for every occasion! At the E-bike Challenge we showcase all kinds of different models.

You can talk to specialists to find out which e-bike fits your needs, demo the e-bike selection and buy them directly at the bike shops who are available at the event.

Explore Outdoors

You found the perfect e-bike, now it’s time to take it outside. We would love to give you ideas on where to go for your next vacation or weekend away. Go check out destinations, routes, accommodations and bike arrangements. Why stop there? Have a look at the outdoor collection, like clothes, gadgets or camping gear.

If you need a little more information you can sit in on one of the Outdoor presentations.

Living Green

Go Green! Many new eco-friendly products and systems are now available to help reduce your energy usage when commuting and at home. At the Challenge, we hope to show you some examples of sustainable living that can positively contribute to your lifestyle, home, and community—encouraging human and environmental health.
We also have a kids playground where they can test regular bikes (ages 3-12) and try out the Green lifestyle. 

E-bike Theater

Looking back, here is a teaser of one of the most requested presentation from 2022.

Dorian Grilley “Know Minnesota E-bike Laws Before Riding”

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E-bike Q&A

With the popularity of e-bikes on the rise, many questions emerged at the E-bike Challenge event in April 2022. We have collected the top 10 questions and hope to help you out with these answers! Want to know more? At the E-bike Challenge you will be able to test ride e-bikes and talk to professionals.

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1. What does an e-bike cost?
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There are many variables when buying an electric bike, including the speed of the bike, distance, uses, weight (of the bike and battery), warranty, number of times you can charge the battery, and whether there is e-bike financing. See more information on the cost of buying an electric bike here:

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2. What are the payment options?
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To get an electric bike that will fit your needs over the next two to five years, find out if the bike shop or bike manufacturer (if buying online) offers no- or low-interest loans, often for six to 36 months. See more information on financing here:

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3. How can I insure the bike?
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Insuring your bike is also recommended. Check if your car, renter’s, or homeowners insurance can bundle an e-bike into your policy. If not, look at an insurance company that often covers theft and collision protection, similar to automobile insurance, for your e-bike. For more information on warranties and insuring an e-bike read below:

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4. What are the different types of e-bikes?
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There are as many types of e-bikes or elect-assist bikes available! First, ask yourself, is your primary use for commuting, hauling cargo, off-road riding, touring, or riding in winter conditions? Once you know what your primary use will be, check out the nationally defined classifications below and your state DOT statutes for e-bikes:

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5. What’s the battery’s range and life?
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The general rule with a 36 volt, 10.5Ah (ampere-hours) battery should get 20 to 40 miles per charge with the average weight of rider + gear & cargo less than 200 pounds in ideal weather conditions. You’ll get fewer miles the higher the assist level you use. On low assist, you might be able to get 60 miles or more on a single charge. To maximize the life of your e-bike battery, try to charge the battery when it’s near empty. Then ride your e-bike a lot and charge it often.

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6. What is the weight limit of an e-bike?
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Most manufacturers recommend a maximum combined weight of around 275 pounds for a rider and gear & cargo on an e-bike. Cargo bikes are meant to carry small people or big loads and can accommodate riders + gear up to 400 pounds or more. Typically, e-bikes can handle total weights more than described by manufacturers’ specs. However, it may result in reduced range or increased maintenance and might require more repairs on bike parts like wheel spokes.

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7. How do I maintain an e-bike?
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Just like a regular bicycle, do an ABC (Air, Brake & Chain) check each time before you ride to maximize your e-bike investment. On average, you should schedule a tune-up every six months or every 1,000 miles you have ridden. To protect your warranty, check their recommendations for service, as they may differ.

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8. Can I ride an e-bike in the rain or snow?
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Electric bikes, like most standard bicycles, are water-resistant and can be used in any weather. Though, you may need some accessories (like rain gear or studded tires) to ride safely. Most e-bike models also provide a high-quality, water-resistant casing to protect your battery when wet and cold. You can ride an e-bike at any temperature, but the colder it is, the more it may impact the battery’s range. Bring in your battery (or the entire bike + battery) inside if you’re not riding it. Do not leave the battery on the bike if parking the e-bike outside in the winter at any time.

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9. How do I keep an e-bike safe and secure?
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To protect your e-bike investment, consider using a U-lock with a cable lock when locking your bike outside (also recommended for indoor storage). Consider having adequate insurance coverage for possible damage, theft, and liability.

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10. What else should I do before purchasing?
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Have fun and test-ride the e-bike(s) you want to focus on. One of the essential parts of buying an electric bike is taking the model(s) you are most interested in for a test ride. Similar to buying a car, a test riding the e-bike will help you finalize your decision once you have narrowed the selection down. Visit the E-bike Challenge to test out all the e-bikes. To answer the most basic question, which e-bike do, I love the most?

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Outdoors and (e)Bikes

a great combination!

Looking for a new trip? Don’t look any further!

We present the greatest outdoor destinations at the E-bike Challenge.
You can get all the information you need on new routes, destinations, or outdoor equipment.
If you need more inspiration, you can attend one of the presentations at the E-bike Theater.
Want to try out some fun routes already nearby?

Let’s start:

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